Delinquent in filing. SEC has agreed to a large EDGAR dump to bring our filings current.

Originally Incorporated: Delaware: March 1988; S-1 registered June 1988
CUISP Number: 030467-10-4 we have three more CUISP Numbers assigned and unused.
Stock Symbol: AWRC
Shares: Authorized: 50 million, Issued: 15 million, Obligated 5 million more shares. Authorization soon to increase to 200 million shares.
World Wide Aviation Directory: J-1015
Company Status: Publicly owned, fully reporting company with 635 shareholders: SMALL-CAP NASDAQ registration to be applied for 3/2016. S&P Blue Skied in 43 states.
Corporate Offices: Las Vegas, Nevada
Management: - Drex L. Hansen - President, Chief Executive Officer
- Stan Ford - FAA Modification Manager
- Lee Mize - Director, Supervising Engineer
- Damien Sincler - Director of Operations, Flite Line Apparel
- A. Averyl Re - FAA Manual Manager, American West Jets
- Vickie Norris - Financial Auditor